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Recovery Center Near Me in Seattle, WA

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Navigating The Path To Recovery
At Tacoma Recovery Center, we are committed to providing useful resources and accessible help to recovering drug and alcohol users. If you’ve begun battling drug addiction, visit our recovery center for a judge free method organized towards drug rehab in Federal Way, WA. Our founder, Anne Artman, noticed how badly the community needed a center for holistic recovery and drug rehab in Federal Way, WA, so Tacoma Recovery Center was born. Our mission at Tacoma is to make a lasting impact on our community and create life-changing opportunities for everyone we cross paths with. We are committed to creating a community-based relationship to further cultivate empowering, educated, and happy individuals. In our recovery program, we strive to create a healthy pathway to address issues related to drug recovery and addiction.

Join Our Support Group
The peer lead recovery program that we offer is proven to be the most successful method of drug rehab in Federal Way, WA. Every week we have about 30 varying recovery circles that are instructed and initiated by an experienced peer member or coach. At Tacoma Recovery, we want to assure all members that it is a judge free zone. The purpose of this support group is to understand that you are not alone and others have experienced what you’re going through. Everyone in our support group is considered equal and welcomes new members with compassion, acceptance, and support. Every individual journey is powerful and sharing with others is even more powerful. Allow us and these support groups to guide you on this path of recovery. There is no need to cope with these difficult situations alone, join our community and be heard. Come and listen to the stories of others at our program for drug rehab in Federal Way, WA.

Effective Drug Rehab in Federal Way, WA
Our drug rehab in Federal Way, WA uses a very holistic approach to recovery. As you might know, meditation and acupuncture are ancient practices that aid in stress and pain relief. These techniques are designed to relieve anxiety and depression and improve rehab efforts toward illness and addiction for decades. When you’re at the Tacoma Recovery Center for drug rehab in Federal Way, WA, our experienced facilitators will show you through a guided circle group and will provide the tools needed to practice in a private setting. For more information about our programs, visit our website.