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Holistic Drug Rehab in Bellevue
When substance abuse continued to rise in and around Pierce County, Anne Artman, founder of Tacoma Recovery Center, knew that something had to be done. Anne recognized that there was a lack of accessible support for drug rehab in Bellevue, so she immediately began taking peer recovery coach training. After Anne realized her passion for helping others she was able to obtain a federally-funded recovery grant from the Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Anne then sought out to create a safe place for individuals who struggle with addiction, homelessness, PTSD, and other health mental challenges, and thus Tacoma Recovery Center was born. Since opening, we have found that the most successful outcomes for drug rehab in Bellevue are based on a foundation of compassion, shared experiences, trust, and support of the community. Join any of our many scheduled recovery circles today!

Our Recovery Circles
Here at Tacoma Recovery Center in Bellevue, we offer 30 different peer lead recovery circles that are held each week. The recovery center is lead by a highly-experienced peer member or a peer support recovery coach. Our peer lead recovery circles have been proven to be the most successful method in aiding with drug rehabilitation. Here at our Bellevue recovery center, we offer a judgment-free zone where equals are here to support you on your path to recovery. The journey you’re going through is powerful, let us provide you with acceptance, compassion, and support. Listen to all of our success stories that stem from our peer recovery circles at our recovery center in Bellevue.

Anger Management
Drug rehabilitation is a very overwhelming experience that may arise feelings of irritability and anger. To help with those feelings, the members of our anger management group share their emotions and ultimately are able to help identify each other’s triggers. Doing this helps the members develop better coping mechanisms with lasting outcomes. View our Anger Management schedule to help you learn more about working on your overwhelming emotions here at our Bellevue recovery center.

Mental Health
Here at Bellevue recovery center, we believe in putting your mental health first to help aid in you becoming the best version of yourself. Mental illness greatly impacts your emotions, thinking, and behavior. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is a “definite connection between mental illness and the use of addictive substances.”. Don’t let this affect your road to recovery, join our mental health support group to learn about the tools, resources, and support to help get you through this sensitive time.

Meditative Relaxation & Acupuncture
Drug rehabilitation can cause individuals to experience stress, anxiety, and depression. Here at Bellevue recovery center, we offer meditation and acupuncture which are ancient practices that have helped reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. When you’re at Bellevue recovery center, our experienced facilitator will lead you through a guided circle group and provide you with the tools necessary to practice in privacy.