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Recovery Center Near Me in Seattle, WA

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Integrated Recovery Approach
As the issue of opioid and substance abuse continued to grow, our founder Anne Artman noticed how desperately the community needed more accessible resources for a holistic drug rehab in Renton, WA. Anne decided to immediately take action and make a change in her community, it is because of her that Tacoma is what it is today. At Tacoma Recovery Center, we are devoted to supplying accessible and beneficials tools to aid in a healthy recovery for drug and alcohol users. If you find yourself or a loved one battling drug addiction, visit our recovery center for a judge free recovery journey. Our goal at Tacoma is to make a positive impact in Renton, WA and instill holistic recovery methods. We are committed to establishing a united community and further empower, educate and support our community’s individuals. From our drug rehab in Renton, WA, we hope to create healthy pathways to address issues related to drug recovery and addiction.

Peer Support Recovery Groups
The peer recovery circles we offer are, without a doubt, the most successful method of drug rehab in Renton, WA. Each week 30 circle groups are led and organized by experienced peer leaders or support recovery coaches. As always, our drug rehab in Renton, WA is completely judge free, there is no one who will analyze anyone else as it is a completely safe space. Everyone in the group has mostly likely lived through a similar battle you’re facing and will bond with you over shared experiences. We receive every member with open arms, let us shower you with endless acceptance, support, and compassion. Every journey and story is powerful. Let your testimonial be heard and listen in on the experiences of others in our recovery circles that have benefited from drug rehab in Renton, WA.

Holistic drug rehab in Renton, WA
There are many different approaches to drug rehab in Renton, WA. Although our drug rehab in Renton, WA uses a very holistic approach to recovery and addiction freedom. As you may or may not know, meditation and acupuncture are historic practices that aid in pain and strain relief. These holistic approaches have been used to relieve depression and anxiety and ultimately improve rehab efforts for centuries. When you visit theTacoma Recovery Center for drug rehab in Renton, WA, our experts will take you through a guided circle group and provide the tools needed to recover in a more private setting. If you are interested in learning more information about our programs, visit our website or call us at (253) 533-9361.