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Parents for Parents is a mentor-ship program. We connect parents that are newly involved with the child welfare system. We offer multiple classes and a support group to help families experiencing the child welfare system.

Dependency 101 is a 2-hour session designed to educate parents about the dependency system and help parents learn how to navigate the child welfare system. After completing this class, parents are asked to participate in Dependency 201.

Dependency 201 is designed to offer continued mentoring and resource support throughout the dependency process. It covers a variety of topics geared towards empowering and educating parents on continued success in dependency cases. Parents can join all eight classes or just take ones that they would like.

It takes a village is a support group that parents for parents offers we have discussions about healthy relationships and boundaries. We discussed the importance of self-care and what that looks like. We do mindfulness exercises and talk about meditation techniques. We talk about how to manage difficult behaviors and how to respond to Children's feelings and needs. We share different parenting techniques things that have worked and don't work. We Empower parents to be knowledgeable of protective factors in order to reduce safety concerns. We work on reducing any barriers a parent may have to reunify with their child.

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