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Holistic Drug Rehab Near Me
While opioid and substance abuse kept rising in and around Pierce County, founder, Anne Artman, couldn’t help but realize there was a lack of easily accessible support by way of drug rehab near me. Set on making a change, Anne wasted no time in attending peer recovery coach training. Her determination awarded her a federally-funded recovery grant from the Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery, allowing her to open the Tacoma Recovery Center. Since opening, it’s become clear that all successful outcomes of drug rehab near me are based on a foundation of trust, shared experiences, compassion and community support. Become a part of any one of our scheduled recovery circles today!

Recovery Circles
We have no doubt that peer lead recovery circles are the most beneficial method of drug rehab near me. Each week we hold 30 circle groups, which are facilitated by a highly-experienced peer member or peer support recovery coach. These groups are not created to judge or analyze you, they are built and run by people who have walked in your shoes. When attending, you can expect to be showered acceptance, compassion and support. Every voice is powerful. Let your voice be heard and listen to the stories of others who have benefited from this form of holistic drug rehab near me at Tacoma Recovery Center.

Anger Management
Ending any addiction while fighting the urge to relapse at drug rehab near me can lead to feelings of irritability and anger. Every member of our anger management group has also experienced these overwhelming emotions. Because they literally know how you feel, they are the best resource to help address your triggers while teaching effective coping skills with lasting outcomes. View our Anger Management schedule and refocus your bitter emotions into productive and liberating energy.

Mental Health

Mental illness encompasses a long list of health conditions that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Nearly everyone going through drug rehab near me can relate to this. According to a publication by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a “definite connection between mental illness and the use of addictive substances” exists. Our mental health support group includes tools, resources and support to aide our members through the struggle.

Meditative Relaxation & Acupuncture

Acupuncture and meditation are ancient practices that are well known to reduce stress and pain, significantly help with anxiety and depression and improve rehabilitation success toward injury, illness and addiction. After joining the Tacoma Recovery Center for drug rehab near me, our experienced facilitator will accompany you through a guided circle group and provide all of the necessary tools so you can also confidently practice from the comfort of your home.