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Anne Artman

Anne Artman, the founder of the Tacoma Recovery Café explains her journey as a life unexpected. Spring 2014, she was invited to the first Pierce County Peer Recovery Coach training, describe as a life changing experience. This led to Access to Recovery (ATR), a Federal Funded Recovery Grant, managed through DBHR, Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DSHS).

With the rising increase in opioid and substance abuse use, it was apparent Pierce County lack a supportive approach from individuals with lived experience.
The Recovery Café opened its doors on Tacoma Ave before relocating to 1321 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma, Wash. 98405.

The successful outcomes are based on a foundation of trust, shared experiences, compassion, and a strong knowledge of resources, community, support, and partnerships.

The Tacoma Recovery Center and Café invites individuals seeking recovery through peer services and compassion within a nonjudgmental and accepting environment, please visit the recovery center.   

We encourage our community to visit the Tacoma Recovery Center, who created and developed the Recovery First Model (RFM) that focuses on the national crisis, which is substance misuse, mental health, and homelessness. We place recovery as the foundation to addressing the rising rate of homelessness, chronic drug use, and mental health concerns that are robbing our children and families of safe, loving, and functional home environments. Our model is based on certified Peer Recovery Professionals and Mental Health Specialist working with licensed and/or certified providers. The RFM Model is an intensive, community-based peer, case management program for housed and homeless individuals struggling with chronic addictions and mental health. The Recovery First Model (RFM) addresses the significant concerns of homelessness and substance misuse individuals who require recovery services that address the barriers to permanent housing and other social concerns. Our veterans’ program and services are delivered and developed by and for veterans with combat, trauma, mental health, and substance concerns. RFM enables individuals to focus on achieving their goals; seeking and sustaining housing; completing their education or vocational training, employment and steps to improve their overall outcomes that may include family reunification. The program is designed as an integrated professional peer services component where city leaders, court services, social service providers, and community partnerships collaborate in services critical to assuring the success of the member(clients).

The primary purpose of the peer recovery professional services is to assist individuals in recovery and gain access to needed resources, services, or supports that will help them achieve recovery from substance use. Through state, city, and county leadership, combined with community and private business revenue, the RFM will continue to develop and improve our programs to meet the needs of our community. We ask our members to participate in the process and work towards a life with purpose that allows them to become the person intended.

We do not ask of our members (clients) what we ourselves have not experienced and successfully completed. Thank you for visiting our website.
I look forward to meeting you,  


Anne Artman, BS, MS, CDPT
Executive Director
Tacoma Recovery Center

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